Afina AI trading

Afina AI trading is a highly profitable trading on a decentralized market, based on the “buy low - sell high” principle.

How it works?

At the moment, the bot uses two methods to make a profit:

1. Earning income from the listings on coinmarketcap and coingecko. Adding an asset to one of these platforms provokes a short- or medium-term increase in value. The bot algorithm receives information about the listing and buys the asset at a low price, then the growth stage begins (from 30 minutes to several hours) and when the price deviates, Trailing Take Profit is triggered. The asset is sold and fixes profit (10% - 100%, in exceptional cases 300%);

2. The second method uses the “sniper” algorithm, but unlike similar products that use a similar method to copy the movement of whales, it places a buy order not after the whale order, but before it by increasing the cost of gas for this. After the execution of the whale order, the price inevitably rises and the bot sells the asset, fixing the profit (10% - 50%).

Due to unstable market and the self-learning algorithms of the neural network that controls the bot, its algorithms will be constantly adjusted. For up-to-date information, follow our social networks.

How safe is it and will the bot buy a scam token?

The bot development team has highly qualified network security specialists who regularly monitoring the situation of fraudsters (scammers) new methods and update the bot algorithms to detect such methods. Thereby protecting bot users and AFN holders.

How will the work of the trading bot affect the AFN token?

After the end of the test period, only holders of the AFN token will have access to its functionality. Also, from received 50% of the profit from the work of the bot (monthly or quarterly), the project team will buy back the AFN token and burn it. Thus, regularly reducing the emission in the network and increasing the exchange growth of the token.

Important! The functionality of the bot, including additional settings and principles for selecting assets for trading, will change regularly and adjust to the market situation. For updated information, subscribe to our telegram channel.

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